Personalized Teaching and Learning (PTAL) Academy manages Single Learner Classrooms with PlexLearning education that involves continuous creation, conveyance and use of knowledge.   PTAL Academy provides trusted spaces with deeply collaborative educational dialogues that allows enterprising family members, teachers, mentors, and other stakeholders to coalesce around mastery learning for agile workforce and quality-of-life developments.

In PTAL Academy family classrooms, education is not just preparation for life – education is life.   The use of Intelligent Technologies (IT) as authorized actors in Single Learner Classrooms solves the Bloom’s Two-Sigma problem and gives useful meanings to life-long learning.   AIT converges K-12 and higher education academic support to accommodate continuous learning experiences, privileged benefits and cost savings IT brings for all stakeholders.    Learn More

PTAL Academy education services manage increasing cost of quality education. These include, but not limited to, complementary academic enrichment programs, professional development, and preparation for gateway exams that reduce time towards earning desired degrees and professional certifications. Learn More


PlexLearning and Workforce Development Programs
Professional Development After School and Enrichment
Gifted and Talented Neighborhood Education
Quality of Life, Preparatory, Bridge & Gateway Programs
Advance Tax Studies Advance Placement (AP)
Financial Planning General Cert. Exams (GCE)
High School Diploma, GED Carib. Adv. Prof. Exam (CAPE)
Information Technology & Coding Certification Programs
HTML , CSS, JASON Cisco, AWS, CAD, Microsoft
SASS, Java & JavaScript Adobe Creative Cloud
Mathematica and Camtasia MATLAB with Simulink
PHP, Joomla, Drupal & WordPress Python, Ruby, C# & C++