The Personalized Teaching and Learning (PTAL) Academy is a platform designed to advance Plexlearning which is a purposeful way of life and living that involves one-on-one teaching and continuous learning.   The PTAL Academy is optimized to fill gaps, remove barriers, and build bridges to desired quality of life in local neighborhood communities.   Areas of focus include academic programs, professional growth, employee retention, agile career pivoting, entrepreneurship, rapid workforce retooling, environment, and quality of life development.

Our PlexLearning wraparound programs create opportunities, solves problems, saves time, and money.   The PTAL Academy allows small groups of motivated individuals (students, parents, entrepreneurs, employs, teachers, and mentors), to coalesce in trusted spaces around a culture of continuous learning.   Our continuous learning culture connects Research to Practice Partnership (RPP) with applications of technical skills that make life more rewarding and hopeful.   The deep collaborative one-on-one attention and satisfying experiences in these trusted spaces fill important gaps between formal education, informal learning, and meaningful careers.   PTAL Academy enables people of all ages, diverse interests, and career paths to actively participate in economic, workforce, governance, and quality of life development in both urban neighborhood and rural village community.

The PTAL Academy works with private, academic, and government sectors, through local community engagement networks, to provide internships experiences and in-residence service opportunities.   These networks also provide administrative, job-bank, customized RPPs, referral, and cost sharing services.    Complete our simple inquiry form and a local PTAL Academy agent will help you explore your life’s ambition and passion with us.


Professional & Quality of Life Development, One-On-One Preparatory Tutoring for Exams & Technical Certification
Home-Schooling Support Services After School Enrichment Programs: Sports, Gaming
Gifted and Talented Programs EDSN Neighborhood PlexLearning Centers
Advance Tax Studies Advance Placement (AP) Exams
Financial Planning General Certificate Exams (GCE)
High School Diploma, GED Caribbean Proficiency Exams (CXC & CAPE)
Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Google Certifications Adobe, Graphics Design, Video & Sound Editing
Microsoft, SYSCO The Arts: Painting, Drawing, Singing, Dancing
Entrepreneurship Plumbing, Carpentry, Masonry, Metal Works
Horticulture, Food-Security HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, C++, C#
JAVA, Python, COBOL Collage Mathematics, Statistics, Finance
Statics & Dynamics Composition, Technical Writing & Documentation
Care Giver: CNA, LPN, RN Designer clothes, Tailor, Seamstress
SQL database, Networks Electronics, Circuit Design and Analysis