Personalized Teaching and Learning (PTAL) Academy provides high-quality PlexLearning preoperatory programs for high school, college, technical certification, professional development, and career maintenance.   These education programs allow enterprising individuals (students, parents, entrepreneurs, employs, teachers, mentors), and other stakeholders, to coalesce around one-on-one mastery learning and prototyping of accumulated knowledge content models for, among others, business, games, robotics, economic and quality-of-life applications.

PTAL Academy programs are operated by small enterprising groups in trusted neighborhood, or rural village, community spaces.   Collaborative one-on-one attention in these trusted spaces fill important gaps between formal education, informal learning, and meaningful careers for all involved.   In cost-sharing partnerships with, private, academic, and government sectors these programs provide access to appropriate technology, awareness training, and skills development that encourage more people to actively participate in economic, workforce, and quality of life development.

Carna Resources Group in association with the Education for Development and Support Network Foundation provide a wide range of ono-on-one programs for, among other things, truancy mitigation, college retention, and knowledge model maintenance for meaningful job training and career pivoting.   Qualified participants in these programs get first options in becoming part of the Carna Resources Group.   For more information email:, or call (860) 243-5525.


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